Ideas about running a tllp bot on a linux machine - e.g. RaspberryPi

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To protect the nupool thread from being completely derailed I decided to create a new topic.
tmux doesn’t offer feature I miss at screen.
Basically the same is true for screen.
The reason why I use screen and not tmux is that I got in contact with screen earlier :wink:

Just to link the tiny but helpful bash scripts that help controlling the tllp bots:

Why? I just run
nohup command_to_start_the_client &
and the command is ran in the background and all output redirected to nohup.out. I then can logout. when I want I login and type ta to see the tail of teh log as have an alias alias ta='tail ~/.../nohup.out'

I also have a script to see the last 20 efficiency reports
grep '% reject' ~/.../nohup.out | awk '{print $1,$12}' | tail -20

I could try if I had access to my RaPi at the moment… so I ask you: does the “nohup” approach work with running 3 different instances of tllp bot on the same RaPi?

I don’t know. Guess the commands have to be started in different dirs so nohup.out have different place to go.

I run

screen python

and leave screen with ctr+ A + D.

Never had problems with it. I could also name the session like you, moD, but I’ve never felt the need to.

If I want to see what happened outside the screen session, I’m checking the latest log file in /logs.