Idea: Add a Network Equity percentage field to the NuShares wallet

Example of the NuShares wallet with this field included, assuming an 800,000,000 NSR total supply:


Network Equity: 0.375%

Balance: 3,000,000.00 NSR

Stake: 0.00 NSR

Unconfirmed: 0.00 NSR

Number of Transactions: 5

The Network Equity field would update in real-time as the NSR supply adjusts. It would be calculated as (Shareholder NSR balance / Total NSR supply). The Network Equity percentage would increase in the client after NSR are burned during a share buyback, as long as the shareholder didn’t sell their NSR that week. In this way, shareholders could immediately see the financial benefit they’ve accrued after a share buyback. A shareholder would also see their network equity gradually increase if they continually mint, assuming less than 100% minting participation rate across the network.

Network Equity would be an accurate indicator of the control and influence a shareholder has within the Nu network, and might incentivize more people to purchase NSR and mint with them.


I like it. If a shareholder is also not minting, a dwindling equity percentage could possibly motivate them to start minting.


I love it. I might even be able to try and code this myself :slight_smile:


Definitely a nice idea. That dopamine rush every time you see the percentage increase due to buybacks :yum:


I can imagine a simple graph :chart_with_upwards_trend: at the bottom left corner visualising this equity through any period of time, that may have the power of notifications and achievements psychological incintives.


In order to add more visual elements like graphs, wouldn’t we first need to upgrade the Nu client to use Qt 5? We’re currently running Nu on Qt 4. I believe Qt 5 would give us more visual possibilities.