I love (most of) the current forum software!

I don’t know which of the last updates changed so much (for the better!), e.g. replaced keyboard shortcuts with the current set of shortcuts, but it makes working with the forum much easier.
CTRL+K to create hyperlinks (instead of CTRL+L) is now the same as in a lot of other office applications, the hyperlinks are formatted in a markup that is the same as on reddit and can be used on mobile phones much easier, etc.

Thanks to the forum admin for keeping the software up-to-date on a regular basis!
@Ben, is that you?

I just recognized that inserting images from clipboard is no longer supported - or is it possible do try it the wrong way?

Is it possible to enable inserting images from clipboard again?

I’ll need to check to see which update turned that off. Let me review the Discourse change log to see if it was disabled for a particular reason, or if they just missed something.

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@masterOfDisaster copy and paste of images works for me. There’s an “uploading” message now with a progress indicator in the footer of the editor slide-up, so it isn’t immediately visible. You’ll see the link appear like this, first:


And once it’s done it will be replaced with the actual image tag and metadata. This was using cmd-c and cmd-v in Chrome, so I’m interested to learn if it isn’t following the same pattern on other browsers.

I fail to paste images from clipboard using Firefox 42 on OS X 10.11.1. Works with Imgur.

Would you mind walking through the steps that you take to do this? I have no problem copying and pasting images from one site to another using the keyboard with Firefox 42 on OSX 10.11.1.

This one I used right-click, “Copy Image” and the cmd-v to paste it directly:

This one I used cmd-a, followed by cmd-c and then cmd-v to drop in the edit window:

What am I doing different?

Right-clicking your pictures and choosing Copy Image, then pressing Cmd-V in the Discourse editor produces:

<img src='https://discuss.nubits.com/uploads/default/original/2X/7/756f38aca1ea2dc965137e3cfd4c3b994352906b.jpg'>
<img src='http://memes.doublie.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/bottlecaps.jpg'>

URL depending on if Discourse has had time to cache the picture.

Same with right-click > View Image, then Cmd-A, Cmd-C, Cmd-V.

Try pressing Ctrl-Shift-Cmd-4 and selecting a part of the screen with your mouse, then go to Imgur and press Cmd-V. For me that inserts the picture in clipboard and lets me upload it. This is how I imagine Discourse previously worked for @masterOfDisaster.

Makes me wonder how Copy Image functions.

Interesting, I’ve never used that method before. I’ll dig in a bit more and see if something changed with Discourse.

Update from the front page of the Discourse Meta forum:


Alright, well I guess we’ll just have to wait for an update then. :sunny:

Sorry for the trouble that was caused by my browser (Firefox 41.0.2 seems to be affected as well) and not the Discourse update!

pinned threads still not shown at the top of “Latest” list.
i am using chrome and firefox.

I’m not sure pinned threads should be showing at the top of the “Latest” section. This may be by design.

I remember that pinned threads were always at top. But later this is not the case.
something has changed?
edit: i wonder what is the purpose of a pinned thread if not to be at top of the list :wink:

Pinned threads are at the top of the list for the category the topic is assigned to. For the general list of “latest” it wouldn’t necessarily make sense to show all pinned content by default. If you have a reasonably large forum with many categories there’s a good chance that you’d have enough pinned content to fill up the first page of a list without any new content appearing.

Can you make OP edits bump a post on the latest list?

No setting for that from what I’ve been able to find. Here’s a discussion about a related feature request that provides a glimpse into the Discourse devs’ thought process around “bumps”.

@masterOfDisaster: Soon.

I just tried pasting an image from the clipboard with Chrome - works well. I will use this as workaround until it’s possible with Firefox again!

Noticed that if you click the number for amount of replies, you can choose to go to the first or last post.

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you didn’t know that?! Man, I’m sorry, i use that constantly.