I have played a bit with the bot. Here are my remarks and questions

I am planning to offer some liquidity to contribute to the peg (assuming that the community lets me do so.).
So I decided to try the bot on my PC.

Here are my conditions:

  • I tried ccedk
  • Deposited 1ppc, 1nbt and 1usd into the exchange

When, sendrpc=true,

Nubot gets to connect to nubits client via rpc but I had to change port to 7890 (the port that is used by Nubit by default) in options.json.
Nu.conf does not seem to be taken into account at all since if I change the password, the username and the port to a random value, there is absolutely no influence on the bot behavior according to the log file.
Nubot gets to connect to my ccedk account but then shuts down.

When sendrc=false (testnet),

Nubot gets to connect to my ccedk account but tells me that there is no nbt/usd pair.
I have changed to ntc/ppc, but this pair is not recognized by the bot.

Could someone help me understand what I need to fix?
I think there must be other people that want to contribute to the peg by offering liquidity.

Tks a lot in advnace.

I’m not at my computer right now, but when I get back I can share my settings with you from my own testing passes.

You do need to shut the bot down and restart it if you update the settings.

@cryptog, can you post your options-full.json file, please? Take out anything that would personally identifying, but it would be helpful to see what you are using as a starting point.


Finally some other external reviews. I am so glad you did tried it out.

First of all which version of the bot are we talking about? 0.1.1 or you compiled it yourself?

It reads different options for each version, we need to try again in any case.

It will never work with that such low amounts. Try with something like 5 or 10 $ per side, minimum. This bot deals with custodians orders thousands of hundreds of times that figure. When it reaches 2$ it the custodial grant is well consumed. There is really no points of the bot when we have to split 2 dollars on four orders =) Thats not really a sell/buy wall.

There is no default value for port. You have to set the parameter explicitly. The optional parameters are all listed in the readme and the port is not one of them.

Are you a custodian on testnet? there is no point in trying to send liquidity info unless your nubit client controls an elected custodian address.

nbt usd pair? didn’t you said you deposited PPC?

I would really love to help out, but don’t have any free hands for it. Please wait a couple of days when 0.1.2 is released, read the entire readme.md, and we can try again. Maybe get elected as a custodian on testnet also in the meantime.



sure here it is:

“apikey”: “XXX”,
“apisecret”: “XXX”,
“dualside”: true,
“nubitaddress”: “BNiUcbLZ8UwD1xpqcS1EyKBnE5q4724oGA”,
“nudport”: 7890,
“rpcpass”: “XXX”,
“rpcuser”: “XXX”,
“sendrpc”: false,
“verbose”: true,
“executeorders”: true,
“nudip”: “”,

        "backup-feeds": {
            "backup1" : { "name" : "bitcoinaverage"},
            "backup2" : { "name" : "coinbase"},
            "backup3" : { "name" : "blockchain"}
        "wallchange-treshold": 0.1,


Tks for your comments:


All right, updated to:

  • usd: 10
  • ppc 23
  • nbt: 10

All right.

Testnet at that stage.

when set to “nbt_usd”, it says that the pair does not exist --> Pair nbtusd not available com.nubits.nubot.utils.TradeUtils getCCDKECurrencyPairId

are you planning to accept “nbt_ppc” as a pair?

Read a couple of times what is mentioned here: https://bitbucket.org/JordanLeePeershares/nubottrading

That is a good idea. Tks for the suggestion.

Perfect. Give us some more days and you’ll be able to play around with 0.1.2 on those pairs.

OK cool.

By the way, when you say becoming a custodian on testnet, you mean that I cannot actually contribute to the dual side trade with the actual money i deposited unless I become a custodian?

So whether “on testnet” or “in real”, I need to become a custodian, which implies I need to get voted by the shareholders, right?

If you want to make a proper test, sending liquidityinfo about your orders to the Nu Client its part of that testing.
To be able to send liquidityinfo to the Nu network, you must be a custodian.

So , yet, optimally you can ask testnet users to vote for a testnet address of yours.

Still, you will be able to test the bot without that. By setting the sendrpc option to false the bot will not communicate with Nu network.

Got it. Tks.