I Found Out the Reason Why Pinned Threads Automatically Unpin Themselves

So I’ve noticed people in the “Voting Hot List” thread mention before that for some reason the thread wasn’t pinned for them when it should be. This has led to some confusion I think. I believe I figured out what was causing it.

Tonight I was digging through my profile to update certain aspects of it including my avatar, bio and a couple other things when I saw this at the bottom of the preferences page: “Automatically unpin topics when you reach the bottom.” First I checked the two pinned topics about B&C Exchange hiring and the voting hot list to see if I scrolled to the bottom of the thread, whether they would unpin themselves. They did. I then unchecked this option and retested. This time scrolling to the bottom of the thread didn’t unpin it. So it ended up being something simple in preferences that you can change. As far as I know, nobody has brought this up before, so hopefully I’m not posting about something everybody already knows.

@Ben, is there a way to set this feature off as the default, so our important pinned threads don’t get automatically unpinned once people read the last post?


You are right! This “feature” has been introduced recently!

Nce spot.
Your avatar is the pic you use in facebook. :slightly_smiling:

  • Automatically unpin topics when the user reaches the bottom.
  • Automatically unpin topics when the user reaches the bottom by default

I’ve disabled both of these options. Shouldn’t happen anymore.