I can put NBT in article and mail it out to 19000 email subscribers

While i love NBT and have a good position my mailing list is almost 19000 people and each mailing costs. So i make reports of 3-4 coins to buy in each month + i mail this out.
Around 16000 open this emails.

Is there demand for such promotion of NBT now?

I don’t hold any NSR or speak for Nu in any way. And NYAN doesn’t generally pay for promotion; we do giveaways if we want some attention.

But I’m curious about your business. Is it a free mailing list? Link?

What do you generally charge? Are all the coins you report on sponsored or what proportion would you estimate?

I’m actually trying to do a somewhat similar thing myself. I used to do a daily report on a cryptocurrency called Coin-a-Day, thus the username, and I’m looking to restart it as a sponsored thing. /r/cryptocurrency post with my announcement

I don’t make investment recommendations and I would think my reports are probably less comprehensive; I just try to do an overview basically. I’m asking for 40 NBT to sponsor a report on any cryptocurrency.

I apologize; I don’t mean to hijack your thread. It’s just that there’s enough similarity that I’m curious about what you’re doing and I also wanted to mention what I’m trying just to sort of put it out there as where I’m coming from. :slight_smile:

I certainly wish I had that many readers! In fact, if you’d be interested, I’d offer you a free new Coin-a-Day report on the coin of your choice you could send along with one of your future reports as a bonus to your readers if it was good enough.

The mailing itself ot such big amount of people is not even free - so yes i do charge.
16k people reading about the coin even with just few investing makes a change.
I do not want to speak of rough numbers - but lets say after this blog being alive for few years - i dont regret time on it :slight_smile: