I am just wondering if this coin still alive (yes, it is)

I am just wondering if this coin still alive, i lost money here, i e-mailed the community on pass and never get any answer from nubits team. I found this coin on deadcoins.com say its a scam. its disappointed.

It’s alive! They are working hard on restoring the peg. Burning NBT and some people help them with burning more NBT and provide liquidity on some exchanges.

This entry is obviously written by the spammer that has frequented here lately…

Its hard to belive its no scam because i never got any answer from the team nubits. Also there is some videos on youtube explaing how the setup this fraud.

Mistakes may have been made and people lost money in the past, but a scam no. Learnings have been taken and work is done to establish the peg again. Just take a moment to read the forum and more recent posts. We also had a recent thread about profiles on the forum.


I believe Nu failed due to stupidity, not a scam.