Https:// is stuck

@Ben , @JetJet13 it seems that is stuck.
The height and BKS supply is from the past.
I suppose you are the ones who can fix that. Can you please have a look at it? If not, please point me in the right direction.
Thank you!


That’s @JetJet13’s project, but hopefully he’ll see this. I’ll send a separate message via email and see if he can kick it.

Thanks for the heads up!

Looks like it recovered (or has been fixed) already.
The height was stuck and was back by hundreds, but is no longer.
One issue remains, though. It looks like the blockexplorer doesn’t track multisig addresses. BKS addresses starting with “9” give no result when searching for them, although they have UTXO.
But correcting that is rather a feature request than a reported error. is down again, @Ben, @JetJet13