#Nubits is the world`s first stable digital currency @OfficialNubits #Bitcoin #CryptoCurrency #News

Considering facebook shares, tweets and google+ shares, this above has been shared quite a lot today, originating from “mqtodd”


Great exposure for us. We’ve had two separate tweets in the past 24 hours that have each been re-tweeted over 200 times. One is the tweet you linked, and the other is one showing the NuDroid tutorial video “Power of NuDroid”.


The comment section of the site looks odd though.

Mqtodd followed Peercoin’s Twitter account last night after I retweeted the power of NuDroid tweet. That might be where he found out about it.

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we need a special event for NU’s birthday :slight_smile:

So I don’t like the fake Twitter followers (35k) on Nu’s account. Is there any way to remove them so we can see our real number?

If only there was a service whereby you could use some sort of stable digital currency to force people to pay a small fee (like 1 dollar) when choosing to follow you, which you can then give back to them if you want after reviewing their choice.


We were somewhere between 1100 and 1200 prior to the mass additions.

Do you think the mass additions have anything to do with the crazy number of retweets coming from Michael Q Todd and Dr Yoriko Todd? Both tweets linked here…

Hmm, only now did I realize they both have the same last name.

No, I don’t think so. The additions came many days before those tweets. I think those tweets just garnered more traction because I threw a few generic hashtags on like #innovation and #mobile, and got lucky that a high-volume account decided to RT.

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mqtodd retweeted again on NuBits, some 16h ago:

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It would be nice if we could get an updated version of that process map with NuShares grants and NuBits burning, variable transaction fees, maybe even liquidity pools. I don’t think all that would fit though and to be honest I had a hard time deciphering the map as it is. It’s a little too complicated.


I agree – this map makes it look more complicated than it is and it is not updated

Perhaps this is an indication of the possibility that NuBits is the next big thing since michael todd seems to be a trend builder/reader.

I’ve been working with Michael a bit to help him gain a better understanding of NBT/NSR. He can bring quite a lot more exposure - he is a top tier social networker with huge reach. He markets what he invests in, and is looking to get involved with Nu.
Expect a lot more exposure in the coming weeks.


That’s awesome Dave. Can you please tell Michael that if he has any other questions about how Nu works, he’s always welcome to ask us here on the forum. Also, we have this history resource that details most of the major things that have happened with the network since launch, in case he’s interested in researching further. Keep in mind it’s outdated by several months though. I’ve been really busy at work and haven’t been able to find the time to update it yet, however it’s still a good resource to use to learn the history of Nu up until around May…

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I am curious. Did he contact you directly?

Yes he wanted advice on how to acquire Nubits and why he might want to invest in NuShares.

[edit] Oh - in fact he contacted me after I commented one of his social threads - thanking him for the Nubits exposure.