happy New Year.

the turkey, we can not connect to this address.
open site ZenMate

Maybe try ? Can confirm that both are working for me.

working for me

unavailable from turkey,


can be used Zenmate

Just out of interest as I find it odd one would block a blockexplorer in Turkey. Can you access or did they just block the entire .nu tld?

ok yes, opening ……
but does not turn on

I can confirm that. CF error 521 (destination server down)

I can not get the error code, blank page is not returning new Querys

‘‘Query Yielded No Results’’ Latest Blocks 17 hours ago? should work again now. Restarted Nu daemon again as it crashes 2-3 times a week. Desperately waiting for v2.1 to get a more stable environment. It is most likely due to memory issues as many have experienced by now.

Edit: takes a while to sync again though.

Edit2: Apologies, you are referring to the other blockexplorer. That is frozen indeed and also needs a restart @coingame. Possibly suffering from the same problem.

thanks for the good work its very appreciated because exchanges always have some isssue’s its good too have some proof of confirmation handy :stuck_out_tongue:

It is completely down now,

It’s up, I’m not sure why that link shows it is down.

Both resolve for me, but the Down for Everyone Or Just Me link doesn’t report correctly.

I can confirm it is back up now.

Down again

Seems to be up now. If you see anything strange again, please let me know.

When it was down earlier, were you getting error messages, it was the block count stuck at a certain height?

It doesn’t return any error message, it is simply waiting forever for the connection. I will have a deeper look next time it breaks, I thought the server was crashing because of nud memory issues.

Also, could you also add a Access-Control-Allow-Origin to[address]/1/newest so we can query that page for data?

In that case, are you accessing the site programmatically, or are you manually visiting it in a browser?

I’ll check with @JetJet13 and see if he has has any concerns with that. If he doesn’t that’s an easy change that should be pretty straight forward to implement.

anyway of having a selection page for burnt coins like showing all transaction Blocks with large fees larger then lets say -99 we could view burnt amounts with all the burning going on would be a great tool in the future and also good for nubits showing the crypto community actual poof of burn etc

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