How were Nushares initially distributed?

Just wondering how it compares to other cryptocoins.

This thread provides a good amount of info on share distribution

Anyone can buy at $1 each. Any time. Fair enough?

He said NuShares, not NuBits. I’m hoping he understands the difference and really did mean NuShares.

Thanks for the reply, I did mean Nushares. Do you know when the sale of Nushares will take place?

Opps sorry I didn’t look carefully before posting. I don’t know when NuShares will be sold to the public. Seeing that bter appears to have trouble running Nubits/USD I guess the dev team will be busy fix Nubits related exchange problem first befroe getting BitShares trading working.

I’m interested in the answer, too :slight_smile:
Is there already a Exchange for Nushares? Or there will never ever be one?

As far as I know there is no exchange currently trading NuShares, but there definitely will be one.

That’s incorrect. NuBits are $1 each. NuShares are being distributed at a much lower price to a few who can be trusted by the devs.

This is a way I could see it going down based on Jordan’s original announcement of NuBits. Things could have definitely changed and I doubt I have the %'s right.

70% -> to trusted people.

“This wave of investors will be people who have demonstrated a capacity to benefit cryptoasset projects such as developers, marketers, testers and active forum participants. People who purchase our Peershares will be business partners, so we want to select them carefully.”

30% -> anyone.

“Later we will sell shares to people who’s primary contribution is financial. All proceeds from the sale of our Peershares will be used in the interest of shareholders, particularly for operating and development expenses. We expect the project to be very well funded and experience explosive growth.”

From the original announcement

After that, it will probably hit exchanges and be a free for all.

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How about distribute a little bit over Faucets? Just for fun for untrusted people like me :wink: just to have something to play around with no significant value or influence? Would be nice!

You could submit a proposal to the shareholders to fund a project to make a faucet.

so when can i buy nushares?

From the same thread listed above:

The line is probably pretty long right now, but if you’re interested it wouldn’t hurt to send a BM

Tks for info, CoinGame.

If I buy shares now from the undistributed pool, will those shares have any voting/minting power?

Anyone with at least 10,000 shares will have the ability to vote.


According to Jordan Lee s post: Undistributed NuShares

"Though undistributed NuShares minted blocks to bootstrap the network, they will never again be used for minting or voting. "

What is the definition of “undistributed shares”?
If the shares that I want to buy are undistributed shares, I won t be able to mint or vote…it seems.

When the network was created one billion shares were generated to be distributed. So when you see “undistributed shares” it means the lot of shares that have not been sold yet. They will eventually all be sold. Once you buy your shares they are yours to do what you please.