How to stake mint with nud in unix?

Can I copy win32 wallets (wallet.dat) directly to unix 64 version?

Yes. Switching between systems (with the same or different OSs) and moving your wallet files is fine, the wallet formats are compatible.

The only restriction is that you cannot use the same wallet data files on two or more computers at the same time if you are trying to mint. If you do–and you solve a block–you’ll possibly end up submitting duplicate blocks and the network will ban your nodes.

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Its on the same chain, one should become orphan and everything is good, right? @sigmike can you confirm? This would be a crucial limitation which as I understand the concept is not necessary.

thx, and 2nd question, how to start minting with nud (can’t see any option)

the command is walletpassphrase:

walletpassphrase < passphrase > < timeout > [mintonly]
Stores the portfolio decryption key in memory for seconds.
mintonly is optional true/false allowing only block minting. (code -1)

So if your walletpassphrase is “iamabadpassword”, and you only want to unlock it for minting, then call

nud walletpassphrase iamabadpassword 9999999 true

If you have special characters in your passphrase it might be necessary to put it between quotes (").

My apologies. I was incorrectly thinking of the situation where you’re minting on the same machine with the same wallet from different clients.

Here’s SigMike’s comment about it:

If you generate multiple blocks from the same output then you trigger the duplicate stake detection and all the blocks may be rejected. There are only 2 ways this can happen: either you modify the source code to do that, or you mint with the same wallet from multiple clients.

I see. A temporary fork of course could create this situation. But its only this particular block that will get rejected, and only if both clients are on different (temporary) forks, right?

I really hope we do not ban IPs for doing that - this will only ban the honest guys who mistakenly had two wallets unlocked, while the attacker knows how to switch the IP. Rejecting the blocks should be sufficient.

Note that the whole situation doesn’t need to be a mistake - many people are using dedicated staking devices and surely want to be free to unlock their main wallet, e.g. if they want to make a bunch of payments. You could argue that the staking address should not be in the main PC wallet, but since Nu doesn’t support watch-only addresses it is the most convenient way to monitor the staking device.

So if I can get a serious problem by doing that (e.g. IP banning, and not just block reject), then I would really like to see an “unlock for spending only” flag.

You won’t be banned if your release duplicate blocks. Actually you may just be propagating the blocks received from someone else and making others aware of the duplication, so there’s no reason to ban you. The blocks will just be ignored and you won’t get the reward.

In that case, what will get you banned? It sounds like I need a refresher.

Many things. Mostly sending invalid data that takes some time to verify, to avoid flooding. I think you can’t be banned by just using the client. You must alter the source code to trigger that.