How to retrieve my desktop wallet?

Hi,you have refused to answer my previous message!
I find it hard to load the windows desktop wallet,after downloading from the block chain is still slow and show errors.
Can I retrieve my nubits coins I saved on the desktops on other devices like android wallet?


I’m not an expert but you can see the File–> backup Wallet function.
That will allow you to save as a *.dat file your wallet.

Once you have that file just place it to the proper folder to retrieve you wallet on other devices.

Download this bootstrap:

This link says I don’t have permission to access to this link.

Thanks for your reply, which device wallet do you think I can use to retrieve it and how?

Did you backup your wallet?
If you did you may probably the desktop wallet on any kind of plateform.

I’m just guessing, some people around might know how to fix that issue.

Not trying to be rude, i found a workaround for the problem.


That’s not rude at all

Pls how do I install this file?

My Nu desktop wallet page shows this warning beside the bar"please check that your computer’s date and time are correct. If your clock is wrong Nu will not work properly"
I’m in west Africa.
How do I tackle this problem?