How to order NBT quickly to your wallet on the base of BTC

Go to CCEDK, log in and make your btc deposit.

Once BTC has arrived to your account, use link:

Here you can then enter amount of btc, check rate before push buy, and off you go.

You have now USD with a pretty good rate, and with zero transaction fee.

Now go buy your NuBits at the NBT/USD pair -

there is always a good amount of NBT available!

Then do the withdrawal of NubIts in automode.

Once you have BTC in CCEDK account you should be able to all in less than 10 minutes.

If you want to buy NBT with USD, it is now possible to deposit with no deposit fees, due to our new bank connection, and time of transfer is 1-2 days only?


Will give it a try the next time I want to fuel my NuDroid :slight_smile:

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