How to launch an initial coin offering

Noon everyone,
Found this forum a few weeks ago and this little thought crawled into my mind and wouldn’t leave me alone - to start my own crypto ICO. Is still worth it? I mean, all the graphics are going down like damaged airplane in it’s last seconds before the crash, but still.
Thanks for every advice in advanced.

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Yeah. Bitcoin going down, but Etherium is still aloft. And it’s not going to cost cheaper than the currency you are launching with ICO within years. So it’s up to you. The tool is still powerful to get some budget for your project.

t’s totally worth it because ICO is not bound to Bitcoin. You can establish the price per token in other cryptocurrencies like ethereum. The painful and for some reason non-obvious rock bottom lies here in project management and financial literacy. So it’s better to get some knowledge in these areas or approach ICO from this perspective at first. This article could be useful for you

By trying to launch it :smiley:
You know the other big thing was said by Picasso “Amateurs imitate, professionals steal”
That’s why it’s essential to digest an experience of others.
Here’s the site with the transparent projects in terms of stories, successes and failures
Hope it helps.

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