How to debug a bad TX?

I am trying to troubleshoot a transaction and need recommendations for what to look at next. Yesterday, I attempted to fund my new minting machine with 10,000 NSR with a 1 NSR fee. This transaction appears on my Nu client:

Status: 806 confirmations
Date: 10/16/15 03:19
Debit: -10000.00 NSR
Transaction fee: -1.00 NSR
Net amount: -10001.00 NSR
Transaction ID: 622dda9fb4dfe795ce2ac81ea5efc8e51696699e88aa787264d38e2c5644aa16

However, my minting setup has not received it. Moreover, there is no record of the transaction on NuExplorer or via nud getrawtransaction. I am assuming this means the transaction did not go through…is there a way to determine why?

yesterday i checked that NSR fee was 4 nsr. maybe this is the reason your transaction never confirmed.
do you see your original NSR amount intact?

edit: i may be wrong here, the transaction has 806 confirmations already! Perhaps something else is the problem,
lets hear from NU experts then.

really? right now it is 1 nsr.

yes, you are right, i am totally wong :frowning:

  1. 4 nsr is my fee vote, not the actual fee!
  2. if the fee was wrong, then the transaction wouldn’t have any confirmation!
    ( i am in urgent need for coffee :smiley: )
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The transaction appears on NuExplorer today. I believe NuExplorer was down previously for a bit which could be the cause. As for why nud on my minter couldn’t find the transaction, well it hadn’t finished downloading all the blocks and nud only checks it’s local copy which I just learned by visiting the source code.

I had assumed that nud would attempt to find the transaction elsewhere if a local search failed.