How much buy support is needed for reaching the bitcoin trade volume?

I am wondering about the quantity of buy support that custodians would need to offer if Nu wants to achieve the same level of trade volume (liquidity) as Bitcoin…

According to Jordan Lee estimates, we have between 500k and 1m NBTs in circulation right now.
The buy side liquidity is currently: 130k, the sell side liquidity is 224k .
In my understanding, that means there are between roughly speaking 275k and 775k NBT in wallets, that are not owned by custodians.
Only 130k of those 275k-775k can be immediately exchanged for “cash” (BTC or PPC or USD).
Meaning between 17% and 50% of the outstanding nubits not owned by custodians can be immediately bought back by Nu right now.

The daily volume of NuBits is 200k right now. Bitcoin has 20m, so 100 times more than NuBits.

So if we want to achieve the current trade volume of Bitcoin (the same level of liquidity), a very naive guess would be to have 13m of buy support, that could immediately buy back between 17% and 50% of the corresponding outstanding NuBits not owned by custodians, which would amount in this case to between 26m and 76m NBTs.

How can we achieve this order of magnitude?

An obvious answer is to increase drastically the number of custodians.
Having 100 times more custodians than now could achieve that.
However voting would get much more complicated. Imagine you have 100 times more proposals to consider than right now…
In that case, Nu would require full time staff (who are reliable shareholders) whose primary role would be to consider each proposal and broadcast their votes via feeds.

Another answer is to increase drastically the quantity of NuBits in custody for each custodians, which would mean we would need to find very wealthy people that we can trust.

From your perspective, how do you think Nu can increase drastically its liquidity to achieve the same level as Bitcoin?

with all of the above you have mentioned. also with more automated tools. and a wallet which would be more like a platform see nxt wallet.

There will also be an increased natural supply and demand. Ideally the custodians only need to provide the part of the volume that significantly affects the price, i.e. the delta of all buy and sell orders. Practically this doesn’t work of course, but it needs to be considered when estimating these numbers.