How Important is the Distribution of the Currency Units (NuBits)?

As we’ve seen with other pure PoS coins like NXT, they’ve taken a lot of criticism for unfair distribution. I understand that Jordan is being very careful about the distribution of NuShares, which is very important.

What about the distribution of NuBits though? This system is unlike anything we’ve seen before, precisely because the currency units are separated from the shares. With NXT and other pure PoS coins that use merged units, distribution is very important because somebody that has a lot of coins can move the entire market. So this is a little different than what we’re used to because the units are split. How important is the distribution of currency units (NuBits) in a system like this? I imagine the $1 price would prevent a lot of mass buying, compared with if each NuBit was in the cents.

NuBits don’t mint, so I would imagine it’s distribution isn’t very important? It’s all about the NuShares.

For $1.00, anyone can buy an NBT. Scarcity isn’t a factor like it is with a fixed quantity crypto. That’s why it makes a great transactional currency; demand can always be filled.

There is no fixed amount of NuBits. Getting NuBits is just like exchanging your normal USD to an electronic USD that is transactable based on an uncorruptable distributed ledger. So distribution issue of normal cryptocoins doesn’t apply. In another word, NuBits is the financially fairest coin – everyone has euqal opportunity to buy any amount.

Just so you guys know, besides me wanting to know the answers, I’m putting these threads out there so they’ll already be answered when the forum goes live.