How fast are people spending NuBits?

I’m far from investigating technical matters connected with NuBits as IT it not my field of expertise, but I found this article by Tim Swanson very interesting and I started wondering if Custodians or the devs have access to similar kind of data. Knowing and analyzing user behaviour (looking for patterns/medians and deviations from patterns, how many NBTs are being held in wallets and for how long, how does this number change in certain times e.g. times of market panic etc.) might be an additional factor when making decisions with regard to parking rate or other mechanisms.

If there is such data available and I’m missing it, then sorry :wink: would appreciate being pointed to it. If there is no such data but it’s possible to retrieve it, then it might be beneficial.


Interesting data. I also wonder how much parking interest has been paid out. I think these statistics can be done with a blockchain explorer. You might want to post this to peercointalks. There are no less than three peercoin explorer developed by community members (e.g. peerchain). Some of them might go ahead and put up a NBT expplorer and statistics page.

Thanks for the suggestion, I think that if the Nu dev team finds this idea interesting, they’ll make it happen :slight_smile:

There is already a block explorer, @JetJet13 has been open to suggestions in the past, so I assume if he has time in the future, it certainly can be considered for inclusion.

I’ve already “explored” the explorer:) obviously it’s an useful tool. Thank you @Ben for your interest in this topic and for more suggestions, for now there is no rush I guess, but it would be great to have additional info available in the future. I’ll wrap my head around the idea, I’ll do more research and then I’ll look for helpful community members like @JetJet13 :slight_smile: Please feel free to share your opinions and suggestions, all of them are valuable and most welcome.