How do I open my BKS backup?


So I’ve had some issues with B&C exchange in that it was no longer processing new blocks. I figured I could fix this by reinstalling. So, I made a backup of my wallet and reinstalled the software. Now that I reinstalled it, the chain is updating again, but my BKS are gone. (I guess that makes sense, since I deleted the associated data). However, I can’t figure out how to open my backup wallet. I’ve tried opening the file with B&C exchange, but that gives the following errors:

What can I do now?

Thanks in advance.

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Your BKS may not show until the chain is updated. Is your blockchain up to date at this point?

It is now, yes. Thing is, I made a backup through the “backup wallet” option, but I don’t know what I actually need to do with this file to load it into B&C exchange. How do I open it?

I think you have to put the wallet in %APPDATA%\Nu

Sorry for the late reply. I can’t find the specific folder that you are referring to though. I do have AppData/Roaming/BCExchange, but when I place the wallet in there, replacing the wallets already in there, the client simply creates new files called wallet8.dat and walletC.dat and loads those. If I give the backup either one of those names it crashes the client with the same error I posted in my original post.

Try to clean all the files in that AppData/Roaming/BCExchange dir, copy your backup wallet8 and walletC dat files there. Restart your B&C wallet.