How could bitcoins survive further

Like recently the banks banned the bitcoins transactions in India and since there is no money or hand to hand transactions going on now people won’t be able to buy and sell bitcoins using the money in their banks . Person to person transactions is something that requires us to paly with a dice of luck.
What you think Bitcoins can do to survive in this world right now ?
What can it do to gain favor of the government and banks ?
Could it be possible that banks see it as an ally contary to a threat ?
Aren’t government already regulating Bitcoins and aren’t they already making people pay taxes how much they demand ?
What you think Should be the next move of Bitcoins.

bitcoin surely survive longer than any other currency if there wont be any involvement but government do it alot due to getting no taxes from it so we need to focus on Altcoin Exchange to understand the procedure anyway to paly with a dice of luck.