How can we improve the community site experience?

Please let us know if you have any suggestions for ways that we can improve the experience here on

Improvement Roadmap

  1. Nu branded look and feel
  2. Expanded options for account creation (OAuth2, potential integration with BitMessage, or, long-term, a way to integrate with the Nu network and use signed messages)
  3. Integration with the Nu block explorers
  4. Integration with for data services
  5. For motions, an integrated tool to generate and confirm hashes based on posted content.
  6. Integration with the Nu block chain, specifically to poll for votes and keep a running tally associated with any custodial or motion proposals posted here on the site.
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Hi, the and are very well designed indeed, just wanted to report minor bug;
when the screen width gets less than the navigation bar width, it doesn’t turn to the button with class=“navbar-toggle collapsed” like in , instead the list items slip over the “div” below, however this only happens in my firefox web browser, mobile works fine and i didn’t try other browsers.

thank you for the great job on developing this site again.