(How) can I buy NuShares via NuBits?

What’s the way to get me NuShares via NuBits ?
The intro says (1): (2)
which brings probably fees.


(1) https://nubits.com/nushares/introduction
(2) You can get NuShares at any of the exchanges that currently support NuShares trading. For a full list please visit our NuShares Exchanges page.

The easiest way to buy NuShares with NuBits is on Poloniex. You would sell your NuBits for BTC, and then use the BTC to buy NuShares.

The upcoming B&C Exchange will likely have a direct NSR/NBT trading pair to make things simpler.


good news, thx

Talk @Nagalim into starting his nsr-nbt auction again.

Working on it. I was actually just looking in to making a new test server today. I mean, the project is a veritable black hole of programming until we start coding it into the blockchain protocol directly, but I really do want to get a solid iteration up and running. Anyway, I haven’t given up on the project, I’ve just been distracted by all the ALP stuff.