Hosting B&C into SAFE

So yesterday the first MVP of SAFE went live with a demo app ( more info @ )

The demo app shows how a website / static files can be hosted on the p2p network easily. Is this technology interesting under a B&C perspective?


Interesting technology for B&C trading website indeed.
I suppose it can also be used to host the future NuBits website.

I believe this is the future, as a DAC, we need our own decentralized website and so on, because a centrlaized node is always a weakness in our ecosysytem. I suggest:

1)Develope our escrow payment system.
2)reputed signers host our website, and get paid by visitors on posting threads, etc.
3) Dispatch our souce code via blockchain technology.

Thus Nubits/B&C become completely decentralized in every aspect.

Great find @desrever, I recently learned about the SAFE project as well and it’s all very interesting! I didn’t realize it might be the perfect place to host the B&C website though. I might even set up a farming rig or a storage rig I guess. However there are still many questions to be answered about the project but we should keep an eye on it see how it develops the coming months, it might become exactly what we need!