Here's one of my tunes for all to enjoy

I just wanted to share my music and try to make some NuShareholders dance!

Enjoy your weekend, and Congrats on passing the OPEN SOURCE MOTION.

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I like that. The wobbly, stabby synth reminds me of Rustie but with a bit of Ronald Jenkees thrown in.

Going to work through the rest of your stuff now. Thanks for the link.

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Cheers man, and thanks for the compliment. Those Artist are DOPE!
enjoy your weekend @woolly_sammoth

Do you have anything with a little more cowbell?

lol try this one! it’s me on vocals sounding like a robot

I think you posted the same link as above

This guys Ronald Jenkees is crazy, makes me want to make some music today!
This is my track HEAR FIRST.