Help translate the Nu client into your local language


Is Get Localization the best? Could it be worth paying?


I don’t know if its the best. It had the most user friendly translation interface at the time I chose it, but that was well over a year ago. If anyone has the time it would be good to look for some alternatives that support open source projects for free.


I’m not familiar with how this works, so what (filetypes?) should the alternatives support?


QT translation files


Is that any of these supported by translate-toolkit?

Qt Linguist Qt .ts (both 1.0 and 1.1 supported, 1.0 has a converter)

Qt Phrase Book (.qph)

Qt Qt .qm (read-only)


I have experience with pootle, and believe me, the format is your last concern. There are a lot of command line tools to do any kind of conversion, but using them correctly and automating pootle behind the scenes is a bit more involved.

The easiest one to deploy and use would be Transifex, the interface is really nice and the support for Qt translation files is great.
I have been playing with it here and is up and running on 5 minutes.


@coingame can you please upload the translations backup to a file sharing service or similar?


I have to see if they still exist on my older VMs. If I find them I’ll post them here next week


@CoinGame any luck with a backup?


My Apologies, I have not had time to look. Drowning in work at the moment. I will make time this week. Things should ease up soon on me.


@ttutdxh here are the latest translation files.

had to go through their support to get them.


Thank you @CoinGame

Translation files are updated and live at
We should advertise or pin this topic as now we have 10 languages at over 75% translated.

Translators and reviewers are required!


It’s already pinned in the nudev category. Thank you for taking the lead on this. I believe the client does not already have the most recent translations so it would be worth submitting an update to the repo.