Help design the workflow and interfaces for the multisig team

Fund management needs to be easy, quick, available, and secure. Contribute to the design of both workflow and interfaces for the upcoming multisig team. Ideas of value are frequently missed out on by closed development, but participation must be more useful than obstructive. Comments may be deleted.

Software available that appear suited for modification toward our goals include Cointoolkit and Matrix. We can probably get by with Cointoolkit and custom messaging, but hopefully Matrix can provide many already properly implemented parts for inter-service messaging.

Do you know a way to avoid accessing the multisig software online? I believe Android and iOS are the only mobile platforms to support. Is there something better to use as base than Cointoolkit?

Let’s create a complete solution for multisig operations!

Automatically initiated liquidity adjustment with created transaction

Service detects necessary liquidity adjustment.
Service creates transaction according to parameters set by authorized singlesig.
Service signs transaction (with timestamp?) using its own singlesig known by multisig Group.
Service shares transaction with multisig Group.
Service notifies multisig Group.

Member gets a notification.
Member opens the notification.
Notification either takes Member directly to their multisig Panel with transaction details displayed, or to a message with a link. Member follows link.
Member checks authenticity of Panel by looking at URL to confirm expected personal location.
Panel validates transaction origin by checking signature(s) from Service or Member(s).
(?) Panel validates transaction applicability by checking sources.
Member examines transaction details and potential included signed messages.
Member can object to transaction and send a signed signal (with message?) to Group. (How?)
Member can edit transaction, sign, and share with Group. (How?)
Member checks box saying they agree with transaction.
Member adds message to Group.
Member tells Panel to share signed transaction with Group.
Panel signs transaction and message with Member’s singlesig. (Separately? Timestamps?)
Panel shares transaction and message with Group. (Via Service or other platform?)
When enough signatures for a transaction are made, broadcast transaction automatically? Delay to allow aborting?
Service sends notification of updated exchange status once corresponding transactions arrive to exchange.


Member validates received data using a personal instance of software such as Cointoolkit only accessible by them.
Member signs outgoing data using closely guarded secret that with current trade-offs by necessity of portability needs to be in contact with online Cointoolkit.
Service fetches data via APIs of other online services (explorers, exchanges, price trackers).


Member can send a notice to Group any time.


  • preset addresses in Cointoolkit instance
    • exchanges – rarely changes and needs to be correct
    • multisig members – regular but long between changes
    • contractors – new address every time
    • expenses
  • sign/verify transactions and messages with singlesig
  • create multisig transactions
  • share resulting action to other multisig members with individual URL presets
  • visual indicators of transaction validity
    • amount thresholds
    • require override for unknown address
    • show trusted address as green
  • easily transition to new multisig


Multisig operations via mobile wallet. Partner with Coinomi? We don’t want to rely on one party for these funds.

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How about fixing the windows build and making sure the wallet is stable first before considering any new features and such.

Or you could fix the business scheme before focusing on running this flawed business.

i d like to contribute as much as i can.