Have I lost my NuBits withdrawn to "Sending address" in NuDroid?


No, I did not regain my access to my NuBits.

My Nudroid had been syncing with the blockchain, which took a long time (since it started three weeks ago) because it sync from that date in 2014.

Within the last two days, I managed to get it to sync to January 2017. And today when I look at it, it has sync to 25th April 2017 and stopped there, which was what Cybnate mentioned.

I hope that there is still hope for me to recover my NuBits.


@Cybnate: Is it possible to export the private key with NuDroid?


Technically it is possible I understand, but I won’t have a clue how to do that. It is likely that it is similar to the Bitcoin mobile wallet but I’m not even sure about that. The last time someone exported a key was with an older version of NuiDroid and Nu. I understand a few things have changed since.

I’m still thinking on how to solve the stalled chain. Will try to setup another seed for Nudroid. I suspect it is a transaction not recorded in a way the Android client can deal with it. Matthew, the developer mentioned earlier that his separate seeding tool might solve this, but no guarantees. Really missing a developer at the moment.


There are some instructions here for recovering private keys from a wallet backup

The instructions relate to the android bitcoin wallet that the Nubits wallet is based on so the technique should work.
I’m not sure on the wallet format in the Nubits wallet. I would imagine it’s the newer ‘protobuf’ format which requires the wallet tool found in BitcoinJ. If the wallet is that format, you should instead use NuBitsJ, the Nu fork of BitcoinJ found here https://github.com/Cybnate/NuBitsj.

I hope that is of help. I’m happy to give any further guidance or assistance should it be required.


Right, I’m resyncing the hashfile from scratch in the hope it goes passed block 1370617.
Instead of using the explorer application, I’m using Matthew’s hash server sync.

This may take a few days before it is synced again. Worth a try I thought.


Good news. Resyncing of the server-side chain completed. I just managed to get my NuDroid App to start syncing beyond block 1370617. It is now going into May 2017. It will be a bit before the App is fully synced but I didn’t want to wait sharing this so others can also start syncing their client right now and with that get access to their coins again.


My Nudroid has continued syncing. When I checked yesterday, it was at 27th September 2017.

Now it has reached 9th November 2017. What do I do now?


Now that NuDroid us fully synced you should see your balance in NuBits on the main page. You can generate send them to wherever you like as you now control them. If you see something other than that could you describe or screenshot what you do see?