Grant Dividend Distribution - 20-JAN-2015, 00:01 GMT


In accordance with the conditions in the recently passed modified dividend distribution structure of my custodian grant, the last and final “Period 001” dividend has now been satisfied.

  • 741 NSR addresses* received a proportional distribution of 65,547 PPC.

  • The 65,547 PPC distributed represent 20,000 NBT worth of value using the exchange rate of 0.305120 NBT/PPC at the time that the motion was passed.

Future dividends will be paid according to the schedule approved by Shareholders in the previously linked motion. The next dividend distribution is tentatively scheduled for late February.

Thank you.


* Holder of record date: 00:01 GMT on 20-JAN-2015 (Time Zone Converter)


Well executed, dividend received,everything smooth.

Awesome - received mine too - works well.

me too, good job!