is down

I saw an issue with the figures being reported in Grafana. It appeared that some data points for the amounts of bitcoin held by the Nu team were missing meaning that the calculations for how much USNBT to buy and burn each week we’re being reported as far lower than they should have been. This missing data only manifested in the last 24 hours or so so hasn’t affected any actual purchases or burns.
In investigating why the data was missing I decided to upgrade the server and the grafana stack. This has, unfortunately, not gone very well and the grafana software will need a bit of love to get it back online. The data is all safe and backed up so once it’s back online it will display correctly again. Any data missing in the interim can be backfilled too.
Apologies for this, the upgrade path promised to be smoother with only minimal downtime.
I will do what I can to get Grafana back online but with Christmas only a day away I may not get a chance to do much for a few days.
I’ll report back here when it’s all online again.


Merry Christmas!

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I managed to get the fixes in place for Grafana a few days ago and have been monitoring it since. I’m happy to report that the data is flowing correctly and it seems stable.

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