Got unwanted Blockshares due to holding Nushares? Sell them!

Hello Nushareholders,

I imagine there is a quite a few of you who got Blockshares (BKS) by holding NuShares while having no interest in holding Blockshares. Luckily I am looking to acquire additional blockshares and thought this might be a nice way to get some slightly cheaper than through the official canal as specified in the B&C Exchange post on Now you might want to ask yourself why sell them to me and not wait to trade them at the market? What I can offer you is a guaranteed sale of your Blockshares for 0.0105 BTC each (this is a fixed rate irrelevant of what btc price does in the meantime), the sale will be executed soon after the blockchain is finalized (probably within 1/2 weeks). It’s very true that when Blockshares hit the exchanges they might net a higher amount then I’m offering. However with there being a lot of Blockshares holders who got them with their Nushares and most of the people who want to buy Blockshares having already bought them through the main sale. I imagine there will be a lot of sell pressure and relatively low buy pressure the first few weeks/months when Blockshares hit the exchange (which could take months in itself anyway). I’m also hoping that by buying up as much as possible here sell pressure when BLockshares hit the exchanges will be decreased.

I have communicated with B&C Exchange about this and they support my endeavour, they have also helped me to arrange Escrow for this sale so both parties should be safe in this trade, the escrow will be performed by community member tomjoad. As stated before the actual trade cannot be done until the blockchain is finalized. Also due to the nature of logistics I will not accept offers of less than at least 50 Blockshares. It’s too much hassle for both me and the escrow to engage in a lot of micro transactions.

So if you have over 50 Blockshares and want to sell them guaranteed for 0.0105 BTC each let me know, either by PM’ing or dropping a message in this topic. I’m looking to buy quite a lot of them so don’t be hesitant with big amounts BLockshares.


Ps. I hope I posted this in the right section.

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Hi @Dhume. I would be happy to provide escrow for you. I can facilitate any trades you would like to set up once the production blockchain is finalized. If anyone else needs a trusted escrow to trade for BlockShares, feel free to get in contact with me through PM.

Hi tomjoad, thanks alot I have updated my post to state that your the one providing escrow.

Hi Dhume - I’m interested in knowing your motive in acquiring Blockchares AND a lot of them.

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less than 2.5$ per BKS? It seems I’ve lost a lot by buying at 4$ each.


I’ll sell 20 BKS for 10 nbt a piece (200 nbt for the lot). And I’m happy to sell them now, unconfirmed block chain or not. :smile:

Not necessarily - you would face a loss if you’d sell them for <$4 :wink:
The request to buy BKS is directly addressed to people who received BKS for holding NSR. They haven’t bought their BKS for $4.
And once voting on the BCE blockchain is available it might very well be that a motion to adjust the price gets created and passes - depending on the market situation.
$4 might soon look like a cheap price; who knows…
Nothing stops you from pushing your average buy price down by joining @Dhume’s offer :slight_smile:

I’m looking to get out of the day trading game and have been looking around for long term investments. Blockshares is by far the best thing I’ve found. Not only is B&C Exchange something I think the crypto world desperately needs (I personally know lots of people affected by exchanges defaulting), also their business model looks very sound and profitable. I think long term holding of Blockshares will be very profitable with the dividends generated. However it will probably take months before the exchange is even up and running let alone start paying out dividends.


As stated in the opening post, with still a good amount of Blockshares available at 4.08 dollar (roughly 50000 blockshares still available), and beyond the initial 200k bought very little Blockshares seem to have been sold, this tells
you something about the current buy interest. Now no one knows the price Blockshares will have when it hits the exchanges. But when still 50000 are available for roughly 4 dollars each and over 80000 have been distributed to Nushareholders who didn’t necessarily ask for them and to top that off probably almost everyone who really wants Blockshares will have already bought them through the official sale. Now I ask you what do you expect to happen with the initial price of Blockshares on the exchanges? My guess is there is going to be a lot of sell pressure and low buy pressure thus pushing prices down. Hence I think my offer of 0.01 btc per Blockshare is a fair one. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if they start trading for even less than 0.01 for the first few weeks/months.

By holding Blockshares your investing in an extremely risky startup with no guarantees whether it will even work, a lot of people don’t want this and I think that’s very understandable.


Reasons why BKS price may go up instead of down upon market opening:

  • Minimum volume for buying directly from developers. Some people may be interested enough to give a couple hundred $, but not enough to give the $500 minimum.
  • Pump and dump is not a viable strategy when there is no open market, but it certainly is once the market goes public.
  • Most high-profile crypto projects experience a strong up spike a short period after their release, assuming all goes well. We have every reason to believe all will go well.
  • Many investors (including me) won’t really ‘get’ how B&C works until we see it in action. It could easily shatter expectations.
  • The initial attempt at a 100% NSR distribution of BKS may have turned off investors. Once B&C has made a mark as an independent project we may see more investors.
  • The 10.000 NSR = 1 BKS may have been just enough to wet the whistle of many NSR holders that will invest more solely into BKS once it has successfully launched. The same goes for BTC holders.
  • Once shareholders start voting and the first BTC distribution is held, people’s minds will explode.

That’s right and it was wise to reach out to them and not those who bought BKS at $4 :wink:

I don’t know what will happens. I can tell you what options I see on the buy side (this list is not complete, but should suffice):

  • nobody is interested in BKS
  • people get aware of BKS, place orders to get some of the remaining 50,000 BKS and meanwhile buy some at exchanges
  • people get aware of BKS (who didn’t know of them before), become afraid of missing the train and buy like there’s no tomorrow

What happens to the exchange rate of BKS depends on what of the above scenarios becomes true.

I agree that there might be some sell pressure by NSR holders who want to sell BKS. But NSR holders might have made a good experience by holding NSR. Depending on since when and how long they hold them, they might have received PPC dividends and recently BKS!
They might have learned that it can pay out to hold. That might be one of the reasons for the very low sell walls at exchanges. There are no big buy walls either, but hey, it’s not like NSR holders would desperately try to get rid of their NSR! :slight_smile:

In the end I neither know what will happen on the BKS buy side nor on the sell side.

What I know is that your offer can have a positive effect on the market price, because it trades BKS off exchanges at a given rate.
So thank you for that in the name of BKS holders!

If it’s true that there’s no interest fro purchasing additional BKS from B&C Exchange at $4.08 (because the run for them might start after BCE is working), it would be wise to stop auctioning them for a while and start the auction later - at a price that might be way above $4.08 :wink:

Being inspired by your offer, I want to join your idea.
My funds are limited, so I draw a line at 200 BKS. Those 200 BKS I’d buy under the same terms that you stated except for the price: I’ll pay 0.0105 BTC per BKS.
That is assuming @tomjoad would offer providing escrow for me as well.
@tomjoad - would you?


This is some serious nonsensical positive speculation. While the price could go either way the facts are that there is not going to be a reason for shattered expectations ,as you call it, until the exchange is actually live and performing beyond expectations. However we’re months away from the first iteration of the exchange actually up and running. So where do this shattered expectations come from?

Any investors seriously interested in investing before the exchange is live have most likely already done so. Note how few BKS have been sold since the initial fundraising was completed. Initial fundraising when BKS was tied to Nushares didn’t reach it goals so I think it’s safe to say that among Nushareholders a lot of them have very little interest in holding/buying Blockshares.
Most high-profile projects experience strong pump and dumps upon release (which more often than not destroys coins and creates bagholders) I believe it’s in the best interest of B&C Exchange and Blockshareholders to prevent any pump and dump, the pump which you seem to be rooting for.

Let’s stick to the facts we do know when speculating:

  • Very few BKS have been sold since the 200k was reached
  • The 200k was not reached when BKS was tied to Nushares
  • There are still 50000 Blockshares(that’s almost 25% of the total) left at the price of roughly 4 dollars
  • Over 80000 Blockshares (40% of the total) have been distributed to Nushare holders who very well might have 0 interest in holding them.

You seem to think that suddenly out of nowhere for no reason whatsoever a huge burst of interest and with it money is coming to Blockshares, driving up the price. While in reality it’s far more likely there’s going to be a ton of sell pressure with very little buy pressure. Until B&C Exchange is actually up and running (which will take months maybe even a year, and it might not work) this will not happen.

The more we buy now the less sell pressure leading to more value in the long term!

People expect to be able to use B&C as a decentralized exchange somehow, that’s about all. As they realize the voting process and extended capabilities of B&C as a company and a code that is more than just a basic escrow service, interest will peak. Maybe not, but that’s what’s happening with me.

Under that note, I’d buy up to 100 BKS at 6 PPC/BKS or 1333 NSR/BKS. I won’t even think about purchasing BKS until a blockchain is committed to. I’ll most likely be doing this on-exchange anyway.

You obviously have a good opinion of BKS, as do most people around these parts. I haven’t seen anyone say they’d be willing to sell BKS yet aside from me. I’ll even bring my sell point down to 8 NBT/BKS, up to 20 BKS.

[quote=“Nagalim, post:14, topic:2477, full:true”]
People expect to be able to use B&C as a decentralized exchange somehow, that’s about all. As they realize the voting process and extended capabilities of B&C as a company and a code that is more than just a basic escrow service, interest will peak. Maybe not, but that’s what’s happening with me.[/quote]

I agree with you that when fully developed with all the additional functionality (can anyone say worlds safest online wallet?) that’s possible people might be overwhelmed. However i don’t see that happening until at the very least the exchange is actually up and running. Most people tend to need to see something actually happen before they can believe in it.

If my offer doesn’t attract the attention I’m hoping for I will most likely use part of the funds to buy some additional shares through the main sale and the rest to form buy walls around 0.01 BTC at the first exchange that will trade BKS. Maybe even a bit lower depending on the market.

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Dhume, there may be some investors who wanna buy quite some BKS when CCEDK provide BTC/NBT/BKS pairs on lower price than 4$, just several days later we’ll see what happens.

For those looking for BTC (to cash out) I will offer under the same terms and conditions as MoD. Up to 200 BKS for 0.0105 BTC per BKS assuming @tomjoad offers escrow. That will take some of the downward pressures out of the market :sunglasses:

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Haha, alright alright I get it. I’ll increase my offer up to 0.0105 BTC per Blockshare as well then. I am however looking for bigger fish. So if you have several thousand Blockshares to unload drop me a PM.

Inspired by the proposals, but limited by my funds, I offer 0.0106 BTC per BKS for 10BKS under the same conditions.

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Shareholders may decide to stop the fund raising in order to increase the value of shares and resume it when necessary. In fact, I think we should do it. We do not need additional funding at this stage.