Good guide for getting Nu 2 up on an old Pi

Hey so I did a guide a while back to get folks started with getting the old Nu up on a Pi and minting. When it went to version 2 I never had time to upgrade and figure it it out so just went back to periodically minting on my mac when it was turned on.

Could someone point me in the direction of a bit of a better guide than mine to get version 2 running on my pi?

Thanks :slight_smile:

This is a good orientation:

ah ha perfect thanks. I’ll give that a shot when I get home later - thanks :slight_smile:

so far that guide has been flawless - thank you (not finished yet so might ask more questions). Im on an older pi, the 1.2 or something, i’ve overclocked it a bit so hopefully it’ll be ok.

Question though I’ve got the whole block chain on my mac, can i google drive them to the pi to save a lot of hard work? I presume it’s the:


i need to copy over?

Thanks guys - the help is much appreciated and guides like the the one you gave me @masterOfDisaster really help people who aren’t 100% with getting things going. I was pretty sweet with version 1 but version 2 just lost me :slight_smile:

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addr.dat not a must.

for 2.0.3

so just the



Thanks for helping. I found Nu 1 really easy but i’d have struggled without that guide you sent me.

Is there no way of making an easy installer for a Pi. It just makes complete sense to leave a pi on 24/7 mining. It pays its own power, and from the calculation I did today it makes a profit to mint. However small it’s still interest.

The thing with digital currencies, bitcoin included, it generally needs a bit of a geek to get started. Surely there must be a way to mainstream it? make it more sensible to hold an NBT than a dollar.

Dunno the thing is, if i’m finding it hard to mint NSR (and i have no problem around terminal, linux etc) how’s the average joe going to earn interest on their involvement?

Apologies, it’s late here and I have had a beer so any typo’s, please excuse me.

Not to be aggressive, but if the shareholder cant be bothered to learn to mint I feel like they probably wont be a very active voter. Do we even want apathetic minters in the current system?

no. you have to include database/*

but addr.dat is not a must. sometimes it even causes trouble.

make sure to set permission to 600 to files

@Nagalim Seriously? That’s a great way to encourage people to stay involved. I actually wrote a guide on how to mint on the Pi on the first version of Nu. I was just getting a bit stuck on V2.

Isn’t a forum the ideal place for me to ask for some help? And as it happens, I do follow this forum and I do vote. I might not participate in conversation as much as I should, but I’m quite busy


Im being a little cynical, but yah you’re one of the good ones. The bad ones are the ones that only want to learn enough to start minting (for the reward) then ignore everything in the forum and dont set up a data feed. Yes, they increase the minting difficulty and that’s nice. However, they put a dead weight on the system and slow down consensus processing by voting no on everything.


well they provide minting rate whicih power the POS and increase network security. give credit where it is due.

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Yeah I’d have thought the more people involved the better. Whether they’re actively voting or not. Lots of people with NSR should mean that it’s a currency that’s here to stay.

There’ll always be a core group who have the time and knowledge to be the most involved and create the motions etc.

Anyway - that guide was excellent, I know this wasn’t part of the guide but the only thing I couldn’t get to work was to copy the blockchain from my mac to the pi. I just kept getting “database is corrupt would you like to repair”. Couldn’t find a lot of info online about fixing that so I’m just going to let the block chain download, think it might take a while even with 100 megabits down :slight_smile:

Well, so clearly if there are more minters who dont vote then minters who vote then we are basically 51% attacked by apathy and no vote will ever pass. This will cause things like NuLagoon default, which will seriously hurt Nu’s reputation, even after the apathetic minters drop out of the collapsing network and voting works again.

Yes, random people only looking to make a quick buck are nice and all, i guess, but we need to maintain a majority of minters that vote or Nu falls apart.

Mind you, apathetic minters are not people who buy the coin and just hold it. They are people that actively run a node for the mint reward without voting on anything or setting a datafeed.

It’s good that you prepared a draft that allows dealing with situations like this. Nu mustn’t be too late voting for it and implementing it, though…