Getting Stores to Accept Nubits: The Grassroots Method

A few days ago, I had work done on my car at a small mom and pop auto repair shop that has been in business since the 1950s. I asked the owner if she had ever heard of Bitcoin and she replied “No”. I explained to her how crypto-currency works, and how it could be beneficial to a small business like hers where most of her competition around her does not accept cryptocurrency. I explained how if she accepted cryptocurrency when others in the area didnt, she could bring a lot of people to her shop from cities in surrounding areas.

If we got small mom and pop shops to accept NuBits, and we then cleaned out their inventory, the event would make the news, and it would make people curious about NuBits. We could start with just one store in one region. If we could drive up their sales say 1000%, we would get some atttention, and we could start a viral campaign that would promote the acceptance of NuBits. The advantage is that this would be a relatively cheap campaign to run if people bought things that they would have bought anyway.

For example, I buy gas for my car anyway. If we could get a mom and pop gas station to accept NuBits for gas, I would happily drive there once to fill up, and to support NuBits, even if it were 50 miles away.

I hope that this kind of explains the concept that I have in my head. I welcome any additional ideas, or ways that we could implement this idea. Thank you!

This is a fantastic idea. I have been trying to eat healthier, so I never go to McDonald’s or any similar fast food restaurants anymore. Instead, I only go to Subway for fast food. I get the veggie pattie with spinach, tomatoes, olives, cucumbers etc. No dressing or mayo. If Subway allowed me to prepay my lunch, I would. I would just send them 50 NuBits on Sunday to pay for my lunch for the whole week.

People could send NuBits to the grocery store in advance, and get their change in cash at checkout (no more ATM fees).