“generated block is stale”

I find thisi in my debug.log

2014-11-18 07:xx:xx UTC generated 0.00
ERROR: PeerMiner : generated block is stale

What is a stale block?

Is your system time set correctly? I’ve seen stale blocks when my laptop clock was mistakenly set to a different time.

I checked the clock it was correct within a half minute. The system has been running continuously for several days. A block was found about 6 hours before and 3 hours after the stale block. Unless the clock somehow jumped around I don’t think clock was the culprit. (The clock is automatically sync’ed to the network somehow)

This error is triggered when the highest block has changed while you were generating your block. It may happen from time to time, like orphaned blocks. If it happens frequently then it requires some investigation.

Thanks for the explanation.