Future of B&C

Hello @Phoenix, this might be off-topic, but I would like to know whether you think that your decentralized exchange will still be developed. I own quite a few BKS and would like to understand what needs to happen, what’s going to happen in order to make this project become a reality? Is it still on your agenda? Please no vague answers if possible. Thank you.

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Moved this to its own topic.

The simplest and most succinct answer is that B&C will be developed when NSR is liquid enough to cash out a significant quantity of its NSR holdings, or when there is significant new investment in the project.

I reviewed the decentralized exchange space a number of months ago, and my conclusion was that B&C has important and unique solutions to add to the space. I would love to develop it.

What are you doing about developers, not just for B&C but for Nu as well? Sigmike has been busy with other work for the past couple years now. At least with Peercoin, the only thing he seems to have time for is the occasional developer meeting where we ask for his feedback on ideas. Code review is also usually out of the question. It is very difficult to find blockchain developers who know their stuff like Sigmike does.