Fun Forum Facts

Here is some fun forum data to check out:

@cryptog has given out the most forum likes (4,572)

@masterOfDisaster has received the most forum likes (2,195)

@crypto_coiner has created the most forum topics (337)

@masterOfDisaster has made the most forum replies (3,067)

@willy has read the most forum posts (34,119)

  • 424 accounts have been registered
  • 2,111 topics have been created
  • 34,505 posts have been made
  • 24,103 likes have been given out
  • Only 22 posts have ever been flagged (This is a well behaved forum, thanks for that)
  • 7,662 private messages have been sent (You’re all very chatty behind the scenes as well)

MoD’s only just slipped ahead in replies. I blame all the liquidity and gateway stuff.

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Right. The sheer number doesn’t mean anything - but how would Discourse evaluate the quality?
Hey, feel free to post some gateway and liquidity stuff.
Wait a second - you already do! :smiley:

Not for long. I got about a week and a half left until my boss comes back from surgery. Then the major responsibilities I took over for the past 3 months will go back to him and I should have enough free time to start working on the Nu history again! Gotta read everything first though. :smile:

Bring it on.


How does it translate in terms of real collaborators?

Hopefully, I am not spammy.
I am curious about the competition and try to be objectively impartial about how we compare to them

no, you are not. spammer is the one that replies or posting without saying anything really :wink: