Forum landing page : Latest vs. Categories (?)

Now the default landing page is Latest .
Another possibility for the landing page is Categories

Which do you think its best? Each has its pro and cons.

In particular I am concerned about people only being involved in short term discussion with the current view. Old posts tend to disappear ( they are always reachable by search ) . For instance, I haven’t heard any new comment on the BTC miners topic, while I think that it deserve a lot of discussion.

What is your opinion?

I always go to unread. It seems I miss some of the posts.

I stick with “Latest” for now. In the absence of a better sorting mechanism for discarding old motions and custodial proposals, it ensures that my attention is on the most relevant topics. You’re right though - “Latest” does tend to gloss over proposals that haven’t been rejected outright, but are waiting for further comments. I’m not sure if there’s a perfect solution to that, although data feeds should help begin to create specialists who can monitor very narrow subsets of information on this forum.