Forum Headings Missing

I’m not sure if anybody else has noticed but when I’m on a desktop I notice that the headings on the forum are outdated. For example, About and Resources are missing a lot of things from their dropdown menus that are also listed on the same menus on the home page. Headings for News, Liquidity Pools and NuShares are missing. Shouldn’t the forum headings match what is listed on the home page so everything is consistent?

I manually added those when we build out the forum to make it look like our website. I haven’t kept it up to date. Sorry about it. When I get a chance ill try to update the menus to reflect the website.

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Just a reminder to @CoinGame whenever he gets a chance.

Sorry. This is a really low priority item for me right now. Though this code that creates the header is open source and if anyone would like to take a crack at updating it please submit a PR and I will can merge it to the site.