Format the numbers according to .locale

1000000000 is not a nice to read.

On the other hand , for example, 10.000.000,00 can be confusing. We should either use a standard notation, or adapt to users’s locale settings.

I suggest to :

  • Separate thousands with a space ( 99 093 213 ; 1 000 ; 1 000 000 000 )
  • Use . as a decimal separator ( 143 234.23345973 )

Inputs for discussion :

PS: 0.00000001 NBT = 1 sat?

Is there precedent for using this type of notation when expressing monetary units?

10'000'000.00 NBT

I’ve seen it before, but I cannot recall where, or if it was even in a valid use. If it is something that people find attractive and easy to read, we do have an opportunity to introduce a candidate for a long-term standardization that could be a differentiator between how values of crypto currency/assets are expressed, vs. how traditional fiat values.

If we follow the conventions set out by the Europa Interinstitutional Style Guide this would be appropriate:

10 000 000 NBT

That is in line with @advanced’s proposal.

As the code is currently written, Nu’s units are divisible to four decimal places, 0.0000. However, in the GUI and from the command line, if you run a command like getbalance, you are presented with an eight decimal output, 0.00000000. I believe that this is a UI defect that was overlooked during development, so I’ve opened an issue to ask for clarification on the matter.

I love this notation. This is how I learned to write numbers in school, and I think is part of some standards, I stumbled upon it today but now can’t recall where. A drawback would be that copy pasting these amounts into a spreadsheet or form will result in pains.

Good point. It’s not interoperable with existing notation. I guess MS will just have to adapt to meet our needs :smile:

Maybe setting to user’s local is way of least resistance. Like standards, but if they are not supported by e.g. MS they can be a pain ‘anywhere’ :frowning: