Forbes: Cryptocurrency OBITS ending 'Crowd Sale' with buyback & dividend option

In just a few weeks from now this February the first and potentially “last buyback” of fledgling cryptocurrency OBITS is expected to occur, whereby an anticipated dividend option will be possible to exercise on the world’s first decentralized financial trading platform, the de facto BitShares 2.0 platform OpenLedger. But with an imminent fiat gateway development around the corner things are poised for a further step up.

According to OBITS issuer and market maker, CCEDK, a Danish crytocurrency exchange, the OBITS crowd sale has so far managed to generate total public sales amounting to around 645 Bitcoin (BTC) – equivalent to around $237,000 (c.€217,000/£166,000) as of today. This has been spent purely on development costs and enhanced user experience.

to be continued on the FORBES link as per below:

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