FLOT US-NBT Operations (sell side)


I though there was already nmei’s gateway there. And NU Lagoon is missing too?


nmei’s gateway won’t be operational for some time.


I support @masterOfDisaster’s idea and HitBTC operations.

Signed 2 of 3-of-(5−1)



Nitpicking this is rather 3-of-4 than 3-of-5 :wink:
…I won’t sign this tx!


Signed 3 of 5. Verify


Controversial actions from FLOT



I’ll start NuBot and move the funds to the trading account after they have arrived.

edit: mmhh… some minutes later and still not recognized by blockexplorer.nu (although it isn’t stuck)?
Did something go wrong (I broadcast the tx via a Nu wallet)?


It is showing up here: https://blockexplorer.nu/transactions/808d6095f47582c95e01d080360a5c81e080313dfced1b4fcfe81085ff8c0beb


Thank you!
Looks like I fat fingered the protocol when manually creating the link. The “s” was missing…


I want to thank the FLOT members whose vote of confidence (@dysconnect, @jooize, @ttutdxh!) brought the sell side gateway at hitBTC into operation:

This shall be another step into the future of Nu’s once more evolved liquidity provision scheme!
ALPv2 to support dual support operations will follow.
Stay tuned.

Controversial actions from FLOT


Im hardforking the cny datafeed. If you deposit now it will be used to arbitrage against the cny buy side.


Can you spell out how ?


Implementing a skew to literally just pull the price feed down by 1.5%. It may be brash and unelegant, however there is a very specific economic reasoning and justification for this decision:

The skew will be done in utils.py and will include a new config parameter for the client. The coding has been done, I’m just hoping to maybe do a little extra bonus debugging in the same hardfork (technical debt and all that). Anyway, I’ll update the github later today and give a hardfork schedule (probably fairly short warning, but I’m trying to time it with my daily schedule).


What is the potential arbitrage channel due to the unsymetric offsets?
What is the potential arbitrage channel due to your skew? I don’t quite understand


Check the price on Bter and the price on OkCoin. They’re off by 1.5% constantly. This is because of the fees Bter uses. When you deposit BTC and withdraw CNY, you win 0.5%; when you go the other way you lose 1%. That is the 1.5% difference. The same thing exists for NBT/CNY, except it’s more abstract because there’s no actual market to arbitrage that with other than the NBT/BTC and BTC/CNY charts.


my sell side Nubot at Bter.com is passed.and the nubot is setting up

please consider to balance the account to deposit address



Please feel free to deposit to sell gateways on Bter. Remember that exchange risk is a big factor here, but a thousand or two on BTC sell side (with a 500 T1 order size, holding the rest in T2) would really hit the spot.


Consider adding your entry in the OP.

Select a mount and use the cointoolkit link in the OP to create a signable tx and paste it for FLOT members to sign.

Be careful to select a proper transaction fee and put the change, if there is any, to the original address.


What does this mean and can i do it with mobile? Cointoolkit confuses me, if you walk me through it maybe i’ll finally figure it out.

Edit: ohhh, amount. Ok, so the txn fee spot is greyed out and says like 150k. I want something more like 0.02


You can select e.g. a horse as mount, or you understand it as “select amount” :stuck_out_tongue:

Does that guide help?

To create a tx, the OP of the corresponding FLOT thread (in this case: FLOT US-NBT Operations (sell side)) has a lot of information, e.g. the redeem script including a link to Cointoolkit.

Creating a tx on Cointoolkit on mobile phone is…
…no fun.