FLOT Operations Thread

Good idea!

Can you please fix the text as well (it should be FLOT BTC address)? This will uncorrected confuse more people than just me :wink:

Done. Keep that feedback coming!

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I just recognized that you corrected it and was about to delete my post. But now that you replied to it… :stuck_out_tongue:

I already did that for cointoolkit and I feel the same needs to be done for:

I want to propose git-multisig for a reward.

Are there others who feel the same about git-multisig?

Tongue-in-cheek I could ask:
is Nu (partly) relying on people coding for free or is Nu a corporation that pays for people who contribute to the success of this corporation?

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Thank you very much for your kind consideration. Various shareholders probably expect the current FLOT budget to pay for some developmental efforts, and so far my work on git-multisig is within the time budget I have for FLOT.

Given that I may not always be available to contribute of FLOT operations beyond signing, I also strongly believe other FLOT members will not contribute less effort and value that I did with git-multisig. If I have indeed spent extra time and effort on git-multisig, I am rather certain it was due to my own lack of expertise and understanding of the relevant technology compared to that can be offered by the market. @ttutdxh’s work taught me a lot, to be honest.

For now, Cointoolkit will probably be used more frequently, and the blockchain synchronization functionality of git-multisig will act as a back-up for the time being. If a large extra amount of effort is to be spent on git-multisig and make it more dependable and versatile, beyond that was already budgeted within my fee, I will take initiative for requesting more compensation.


I get Unable to decode error message when clicking on the link.

maybe that: there is a bug in the browser. You need to right click and open up in a new tab the link, I think

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that worked!

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It is a bug in the forum, cuts urls at 500 chars. It is already reported.
For now use right click and new tab.