FLOT Operations Thread

Pub key: 03da8082062298c40f0b473b74f3c95b57eaaebe3e67ed30ce56347b2e727915fb

BTC pub key: 0312cd6eb361c9ebb0d90e44946492a237eab4c7a7d88a0db800f2f460937cc22f

Public key: 0234139729dd413c84a71a0bfd6f236790be861b37311cef3240277c940e4b0c07

I used @ttutdxh’s cointoolkit to generate this pubkey because I don’t have a satoshi wallet for btc.


edit 20160126: The above key is deprecated. The replacement is 0326c19862fb329470c828ace6749b64c50b4d9a8da60d60e4e32ebe96b388b2ae

Generated with my bitcoin qt:

“isvalid” : true,
“address” : “15fiBTfR2YTZuNAGPRDxhN4kNCgVtyDQHL”,
“scriptPubKey” : “76a9143332af6fc8990ccbf97d0aa3bad8fcc20298b4de88ac”,
“ismine” : true,
“iswatchonly” : false,
“isscript” : false,
“pubkey” : “02435b894b94b4b27dd24436b3f9ad0b9409d855ab4be6e91141d445804e84750b”,
“iscompressed” : true,
“account” : “”

I’ll be using the same public key: 034b0bd0f653d4ac0a2e9e81eb1863bb8e5743f6cb1ea40d845b939c225a1a80ff

By the way, will @JordanLee and @FSRT share duties and funds with us right now, or do we need to wait until a separate motion or custodial grant?

Yes. If half or more of FLOT members make a post asking to have a specific amount transferred to a specific address, it will happen. If the individual members disagree on the amount, the maximum amount that a majority ask for will be given. For instance, if there are five members and votes are cast for 1, 3, 5 and 8 BTC with one abstaining, then 3 BTC would be transferred, because that is the maximum that 3 of 5 voters chose.

I don’t have any NSR that can be given, so a custodial grant will be needed. I will give a small amount of NBT to move things along quickly, but the primary portion of the NBT should be obtained by custodial grant.

Definitive FLOT BTC address 3QDWJ2yqJ5iTUg6cSpAwxx95ba3NG97hzG

(Please double check and confirm)

The link doesn’t work.
I’m confused.
Is that supposed to be the BTC address? It would have been easier to sort it if the BTC related T4 buy side stuff were in a separate thread. I’m going to create one and ask the mods to move all BTC related posts there. How does that sound?

The FLOT multisig NBT address (BqyRzFtWXDmjxrYpyJD42MLE5xc8FrB4js) is in the initial post, right?

Link fixed

That sounds perfect

However, we will have to discuss new addresses, confirm them, talk about things… so I propose like you said to create 3 topics(ideally renaming the current ones), FLOT BTC testing, FLOT NBT testing, FLOT NSR testing and then a FLOT “Final” topic where we only post requests and signatures. So we can threat the “final” topic as “immediate attention required” on new replies.

What does the rest of FLOT thinks?

Good idea!

Can you please fix the text as well (it should be FLOT BTC address)? This will uncorrected confuse more people than just me :wink:

Done. Keep that feedback coming!

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I just recognized that you corrected it and was about to delete my post. But now that you replied to it… :stuck_out_tongue:

I already did that for cointoolkit and I feel the same needs to be done for:

I want to propose git-multisig for a reward.

Are there others who feel the same about git-multisig?

Tongue-in-cheek I could ask:
is Nu (partly) relying on people coding for free or is Nu a corporation that pays for people who contribute to the success of this corporation?

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Thank you very much for your kind consideration. Various shareholders probably expect the current FLOT budget to pay for some developmental efforts, and so far my work on git-multisig is within the time budget I have for FLOT.

Given that I may not always be available to contribute of FLOT operations beyond signing, I also strongly believe other FLOT members will not contribute less effort and value that I did with git-multisig. If I have indeed spent extra time and effort on git-multisig, I am rather certain it was due to my own lack of expertise and understanding of the relevant technology compared to that can be offered by the market. @ttutdxh’s work taught me a lot, to be honest.

For now, Cointoolkit will probably be used more frequently, and the blockchain synchronization functionality of git-multisig will act as a back-up for the time being. If a large extra amount of effort is to be spent on git-multisig and make it more dependable and versatile, beyond that was already budgeted within my fee, I will take initiative for requesting more compensation.


I get Unable to decode error message when clicking on the link.

maybe that: there is a bug in the browser. You need to right click and open up in a new tab the link, I think

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that worked!

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It is a bug in the forum, cuts urls at 500 chars. It is already reported.
For now use right click and new tab.