FLOT BTC Operations (buy side)

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I was referring to this post:

The withdrawal to FLOT could have been replaced by a withdrawal to @Nagalim’s NBT T3 custodian address in exchange for BTC, which he proposed to send to your account.
That’d be not according to the mandate of those two operations, but saves tx. Both operations are NuOwned and so there’s trust in the both of you. Why not having you exchange funds if you think it’s good this way?
Discussion this first of course makes sense.

The straight-forward way is to make all tx through FLOT.

Cannot get it to work :frowning:
Can someone else try asap to see if it is not me that is doing wrong?

Can you please remove the tx from your post FLOT BTC Operations (buy side)? It’s not the current tx any more.

Things for signers to do asap:

Also, can I send money from t3 to cybnate’s account?

Also, can cybnate balance bittrex off of polo?

Signer consensus would allow any or all three of these actions to bring back the peg today.


The peg is still ok - at least at Poloniex and thanks to @zoro’s NuBot gateway.
The road on which Nu is, isn’t ok. Forcing the spread to below 1% will make the future peg quality worse.

Both @Cybnate and you are only allowed to trade with FLOT as far as I’m aware of your contracts (unless you consider the balancing with @Cybnate a T3 activity, which would give you green light for that ;)).
As both operations are NuOwned, I wouldn’t care if you did that to speed up the balancing.

Making FLOT the middleman of that activity neither increases the security of the tx nor anything else.
I say go for it.


@zoro might think about putting more funds up at the same close spreads as that is the main LP on polo right now.

I will probably put stuff about balancing NuOwned off each other in that motion.

To get them drained as well?
I can only recommend to leave them at the increased spread!

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What do you mean drained? @zoro hasn’t really been buying a whole lot, there are constantly ~3k at that spread and they aren’t being gobbled up. Why would increasing it to say 6k make it any more readily eaten?

Why not double the bookwall parameter for now?

Widening spreads now is simply stiffing people who trusted us, demonstrating that we are not trustworthy. DON’T DO IT! There is no reason to do so. This kind of behavior is deeply injurious to the network.

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This is nonsense.
Having some funds at 2% spread is better than having 0 funds at 0.5% spread.

Of course there’s a reason to do so!
Can’t you see it or don’t you want to see it?
This behaviour is not injurious to the network, it’s saving what’s left of it with regard to liquidity.

Do you pay close attention to what’s happening on an operational level or do you just say so from an architectural point of view?
Architecture wise I second that we should have loads of liquidity at a tiny spread.
Operation wise I say that this

  • costs more money than Nu can afford
  • is quite simply not possible without losing the peg completely
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I know little about economics, but if this BTC rise is the “real” thing, then we will loose all of our reserves!
Is this a huge risk or not?

That’s what you get if you try pegging NBT/BTC :stuck_out_tongue:
But if that comforts you: we will get plenty of BTC back once it starts to drop and continues to do so…

I think we need to start selling nsr to replenish our reserves asap.

It’s not a good idea

NSR will have a big drop after that

I disagree. A blind auction often doesnt have the effect you think it will have because traders already accounted for it. We’ve been announcing standards for weeks, everyone knows the rules (or at least that they exist). There will be a small sale this coming week, we’ll figure out how to do it, and it will increase long term confidence.

We are not yet relying on nsr sales. Now is a good time to iron out the kinks.

Don’t even count on that!

We are quite close to that point. Whether we sell NSR now is a matter at the discretion of the NSR FLOT members @masterofdisaster, @ttutdxh, @jooize, @mhps and @cryptog.

It would be healthy for each of these individuals to state how they intend approach the question of NSR sales in the present circumstance.

It will lower the NSR price, but that volatility will bring volume to NSR trading, which we need.

These sort of economic cycles were planned for from the first draft of the whitepaper. We just need to carefully execute the plans we have made to protect the peg.


There is a buyback calculation today, at which point FLOT will be obligated to sell a particular USD value of nsr. We do indeed need to talk about how that happens. @JordanLee Would you be willing to hold a blind auction as you did last time?

Today’s Friday.
Soon a buyback calculation will occur.
Based on the “buyback calculation” (the last one is here),

the “Standard and Core” motion will be executed:

There’s not very much room for discretion, but I declare that if this deposit

gets signed after the buyback calculation was made, I will inspirit another calculation and advocate an NSR sale (if that wouldn’t happen with the 65 BTC still in FLOT reserve, which I doubt…).