[Fixed] Security bug found. Please withdraw fund from allcoin.com

No volume equals no operation to me.
I was wondering about the current state of CCEDK as well, especially because the thread discussing their problems has been quite silent.

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The operator in question clearly is not equip to operate an exchange if they don’t know the fundamentals of the software they are running. It is legitimate line of inquiry to find out a persons background to see if they are qualified to handle as much money as they do.

Perhaps that is why their volume is negligible at the moment. Nu traders seem to be well-aware of the silence that has been maintained at CCEDK. From the core team’s perspective, we’ve kept CCEDK off our Exchanges page because of the lack of transparency right now.

Incredible how a user like @tehter her can keep coming with shitty comments on other persons and fill up this this forum with negative comments without any feedback or action on this whatsoever. This is a user who has not been an active member for more than an approx. month, and what has he/she contributed to this community apart from negativity?

I care when CCEDK is constantly mentioned in a negative way instead of anyone considering being conctructive. The Allcoin matter is something we have alredy experienced and is part of our loss and already explained previously, and Nubits devs are aware of this issue and I am surprised any of the Nubits devs. did not make sure Allcoin was already warned about this issue.

Considering this matter and the fact that we were not the only exchange with this issue, makes you start wonder who is in fact to blame for our loss, and is just another reason why it will be so much different once NuBIts is open source, as it is clearly one of the reasons none of the devs from either exchanges manages to spot this issue before some users mange to exploit this.

Perhaps its time to start looking inwards to see what some of you can do for the community to pick it up and make it something special instead of constantly picking on matters you have no clue about and no understanding for in any ways whatsoever.

I have basically decided with my partners that any corespondence with Nubits in future is with anyone interested in a constructive communication looking for development rather than pointing fingers at eachother. It obviously only leads to costant remarks with no importance towards Nubits wellbeing.

Anyone interested in discussing how to co operate with CCEDK in the future, and anyone interested in bringing NBT back into the exchange are all very welcome to send me an e-mail or even skype me for further talks, but comments from a character like @tether is on eof the reasons I will stay away from Nubits community with any future comments.

I do not mind showing myself here, as I believe still we have acted the way we believe was the right way at the time. The whole matter has only set us back in regards to delays in solving matters with ktm account and in this way finally Nubits shareholders but as it was clearly stated in my private letter to Ktm, only KTM account was affected and all users who have decided to withdraw have received their funds with no delays.

Once again @tehter her why dont you start working with the Nubits community instead of working against it with all your comments of no real value to the community only spreading a virus of negative vibes!!

To all the rest of the Nubits community I am here to solve all outstanding to ktm asap and hope you will make use of our offers on the exchange and perhaps come back now when we will present our new platform within next week. Some competitive coins will be present as well, and I hope you will realize that out there in the real world you will only succeed among the competitors, and we will make that happen in coming months, an i welcome Nubits to show why it is so special.

All the best and welcome to all you positive people.

Ronny Boesing

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Of course. What Nu really wants from CCEDK is transparency. Perhaps if you answer a few reasonable questions, it would be a first step towards rebuilding the shattered reputation of your exchange. If you have answered any of these already, my apologies for missing the response.

  1. You mention that your exchange lost 300 BTC. How did this happen? Who stole the funds? You stated:

Surely it would be unreasonable to blame the Nu community for your BTC security breach. You dodged the question when @JordanLee asked it in the other thread. Without accusing me of “spreading negativity” or other such emotional nonsense, clearly and concisely answer the question.

. 2. Why has CCEDK not made a public statement regarding the lost funds? Perhaps I missed it, but I haven’t seen anything on Twitter, Reddit, or even your own website. Do you hope that people will simply forget?

. 3. Why did CCEDK think it was a good idea to keep a sizable theft silent? Did you learn nothing from the crisis strategy of Mt. Gox?

You’re using a very classic crisis-scenario tactic in your message here, in attacking certain users to deflect blame from your own shortcomings. It won’t work here, unfortunately. We want answers.

Many here will be too polite to point out what is painfully obvious to nearly all Nu traders - CCEDK is dead in the water ($87 trading volume today) because of the lack of transparency and trust. In complete fairness to you, your repayment of NSR to @KTm was a great first step to making shareholders whole. Your answers to my three questions (in a public announcement on your website) would be the logical next step. Communication strategy (and basic ethics) would lead me to recommend the exact same public announcement from the Nu team if a protocol failure caused shareholders to lose funds.

As a CCEDK customer and Nu shareholder I would encourage @Ronny to answer at least the first two questions with some facts in order to obtain credibility. It is not what goes wrong, as we all making mistakes and learn, it is how you deal with it. Up to now the communication is not great. You just lost some business from me as I had to exchange BTC/NBT somewhere else as many including myself lost confidence and with that removing most visible liquidity disabling trading in BTC/NBT

If you are still researching the problem, are unsure or not ready for stating all the facts, please let us know that and provide some information what you are doing to get ready and when you are about to provide some facts and statements around these unfortunate events. Looking forward to that either here or on your site and depending on the outcomes I hope to continue exchanging coins on your site in the future.

@CCEDK @ronny why don’t you make an official announcement about losing your customers money and act like a professional instead of a scared child? You are immature rich kid who is jumping on bandwagons and can’t take responsibility for your own massive failing. Your loss was directly caused by your inability.

I can’t wait for decentralized exchanges is to rid crypto of dishonest people like you.

No there is no wonder, you are 100% to blame for your own losses because you failed to properly secure the money and told people they could trust you all the while knowing you had lost money for months.

@tehter, can we please refrain from personal attacks on this forum. They are not helping. I strongly suggest a 48h self-moderation on this subject from you until the emotions has been settled a bit. As you already got a warning from @tomjoad on this subject earlier today I hope you would adhere to this. I won’t hesitate to intervene if necessary as I think this is not in the spirit of this community.

Advice to people: do not get too emotional.

Let us try to rebuild the confidence of Nu into CCEDK and the confidence of CCEDK into Nu.
It would be a win-win situation for both parties because CCEDK was crucial to the launch of Nu and Nu contributed to the vast majority of CCEDK volume.

@tehter Your post was deleted. We will not stand for personal attacks on this forum that add nothing to the conversation. If you have a problem with it, PM me.

Lookie here: http://coinmarketcap.com/exchanges/ccedk/

Looks like one single DKK deposit that bought nearly all available DKK.

CCEDK still has more NSR liquidity than all other exchanges combined.

Where do you see that?

I see the relaunched BTER having the most volume atm

I went to everyone’s order book and counted.

I was saying liquidity (how many NSR for sale) not volume (how many traded per day)

CCEDK has 3m. BTER, if you consider it shows real coins, has ~ 0.3m

p.s. ~0.4% for sale. Are Nushare owners the most reluctant sellers?

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I would not be surprised if CCEDK faked that order book.

I take that you have not dealt with CCEDK. CCEDK allowed all customers to withdraw, except KTm, after heavy loss to hacking. That is quite a respectable thing to do in my book.


I did not. Ok, I will note that.
I did not know how did they treated customers after hack.

I confirm that with my own experience. I withdrew usd and nbt after the hack and got the withdrawals processed very quickly.

Don’t see any. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯