Fixed Rate NBT Bonds

In addition to my proposal under the liquidity thread, rather than wrecking NSR further,might I suggest Bonds. NBT fixed bonds. Just as when the government needs added capital, Nu needs it now. Especially if we want to move into CNY, Euro, etc.

As an example, 6% one year and 15% two year bonds. Any money contributed to these bonds would be in the form of nbt purchases guaranteed by repayment upon the settlement date of the bond with x% interest. By which point, A. We will have reoriented toward alternate monetization and B. Re-established reserve requirements.

It is important to note that so long as we limit the number of bonds available per week, we may space out our repayment time’s to ensure no fast drops a year or two down the road.

Nu is a governing body. Its time we run it as such.

Parking functions similarly to bonds in some ways. Right now anyone can park NuBits and receive a 24.4% to 26% annualized return for up to six months. It is a really high return. It has no counterparty risk, as it depends solely on our protocol. It is very easy to do right from our core client using a simple interface.

Where ever Nu says “parking rates” it’s probably better to state “annualized interest rate” and then explain parking as the specific mechanism, which hopefully makes it less underutilized.