Finding the next Bitcoin or Ethereum is easier than you thought with CoinStarter

Putting your hard-earned money into cryptocurrencies for the first time might be really intimidating.

After all, the relatively new field of cryptocurrencies is still very unpredictable. Extreme volatility, with prices rising and falling huge percentages every day, and the fact that even some governments don’t really understand if cryptocurrencies are a good or a bad thing, may raise certain level of doubt in some.

Although there is some scepticism around cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, some characteristics have stood out which could revolutionize the way we do business and finances. Aside from cheap and quick global payments, launching an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) has proven itself as a much better way of raising funds for business ventures than traditional crowdfunding practices. It gives companies complete control over their campaign, while making it easy for people across the world to back their venture.

But this practice doesn’t come without problems. One of the major negative points of ICOs is that since this practice has been around for only a couple of years, most people don’t have the necessary education to understand it, and make calculated decisions. There have been a few cases of people with malicious intent who have taken advantage of the uneducated, but optimistic, people by conducting elaborate schemes to take these people’s money and run away with it. People actively looking for their next opportunity while not truly understanding the market and the products they are about to purchase can be easily lured in with strong promises.

This is one of the reasons why, in order to protect their citizens, some governments are banning ICOs. While launching an ICO may be a great way for businesses to receive funding for their venture and people looking to put their money in promising projects may find exceptional ICO campaigns, the risk of having their funds stolen has made many people look upon ICOs negatively.

CoinStarter is the first-of-its-kind ICO crowdfunding platform, designed to provide businesses with all the necessary tools for launching an ICO, while making the whole process as easy and intuitive as possible. CoinStarter has created not only a platform for launching an ICO, but a whole ecosystem around the platform, on top of building a healthy community of +140,000 ICO enthusiasts.

The ecosystem of CoinStarter is a perfect place for companies looking to launch their ICO or looking for business management solutions, as well as for crypto-enthusiasts looking for new promising projects to support.

Aside from providing businesses with all of the necessary tools and guidance for launching a successful ICO campaign, it is creating a hub of all of the best ICOs. This gives people, actively looking for new projects to back, a great place to find and research great ICOs.

All of the ICOs posted on CoinStarter are carefully reviewed by the CoinStarter team, making sure that the projects are legitimate and the team behind it is well intended. This ensures that no schemes are posted on the platform, giving CoinStarter members a piece of mind, knowing that they won’t be susceptible to having their funds stolen.

Browsing and analysing ICOs on CoinStarter is made as easy as possible. It has eliminated the need to search tens of different sources to gather the bits of information necessary to put together the whole picture to truly grasp the intention of the campaign. Users can easily compare different ICOs in one place and make their calculated decision without frustration.

In addition to providing an easy place for people to look for ICOs, users can become a part of the first ever ICO coin subscription service, the CoinStarterBox. This allows them to receive coins from the most promising ICOs every month, making the process of finding your next campaign fun and easy.

Imagine receiving some coins of the next Bitcoin or Ethereum without even knowing it. You may receive many different coins that could go on to rise hundreds of percentages within a year, and the only thing you had to do to receive them was to subscribe to this service. This also makes discovering new ICO coins really easy. You may find that some coins have popped up in your wallet that you didn’t know anything about, only to discover that this project may be the next big thing.

CoinStarter is here to make life easier for both businesses looking to receive funding through launching an ICO and for cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiasts looking for new and interesting projects to back. The platform is intended to make the complex world of cryptocurrencies and ICOs as easy and intuitive as possible, providing everyone the necessary tools to succeed.

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