Finally upgraded bcexchange and it keeps crashing at startup


my wallet is stuck on 4.0.0

There are direct downloads at the end of this OP:
[Mandatory upgrade] B&C Exchange 4.0 has been released

Also, do you have any old backups of the wallet?

ok downloading it., hopefully it allows me open that old wallet and get the private keys. I will then import the same private keys to a 4.0.1 wallet and copy the wallet back to the pi. ideally it would solve my problems :stuck_out_tongue:

well this starts to suck, 4.0.0 GUI wallet crashes with an exception in 20 seconds after startup.
btw block explorer seems to be offline…

Yah i was afraid of that. 4.0.0 sucks.

Ok I tried opening an even older backup of my wallet on 4.0.0 wallet GUI and managed to get the private key. However, what surprised me was that 4.0.1 GUI was also able to read that same wallet file and did not throw an exception this time. I might try to copy that older backup to my pi now to see if it also works out. the wallet is from September 2015. should I try the old wallet or still try to import the private key?

Just to be sure, I used the “back up the wallet” option on the 4.0.1 GUI in my laptop. It gave me wallets with different sha256sum’s than what I had from September 2015. I then copied those new backups to my Pi and so far it has been successfully downloading blocks. It sucks though that every time something breaks the block chain has to be downloaded from scratch. The block chain data structure should be built in a way that it could overcome problems and not require a full re-download at the sight of any problems.

Would a bootstrap service help? Nu did that.

it reminds of the issue i encountered when i once upgraded nu.
the new version could not read the old wallet.
I had to export the priv key.