[feature request] charts for park rates and the amount of nubits being parked

As is shown in discussions here

it is important to monitor park rates and the amount of nubits being parked. Please add these data to the charts, starting from the beginning if possible.

btw, make the chart data downloadable please…


@desrever has been working hard with a website vendor on a detailed series of charts for nubits.com, and they are nearing completion. Parking rate metrics are planned to be included. I’ve been following chart development on our staging website and think they will be very useful for shareholders in monitoring the health of the network.

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Wasn’t Ben working on adding lots of details to the website for shareholders? I could have sworn reading this multiple times going back to last year, but I haven’t seen anything yet.

Maybe I’m just remembering wrong. The only thing I could find was this, but it’s about the custodian reporting tool. I seem to remember hearing that the website would be full of charts, liquidity and trading data, etc… for shareholders and anyone to look at. I thought it was Ben working on this though. Maybe not.

Not that I’m aware of. Internally, we classified “Phase 1” of the website as the splash page that ran prior to launch, and “Phase 2” as the current iteration. “Phase 3” has detailed metrics and charts and has been in development for quite some time, taking a temporary backseat to the urgency of liquidity operations development on NuBot. It shouldn’t be too much longer now with any luck.

Yes, this is what I’m talking about. Thanks for the clarification.

I can confirm we are working on this. The page will also show a chart of NBT unparking in the future, and real time voting stats


Having the ability to pull data from a broadcasting agent (a server that runs a Nu client) to create for example widgets displaying the current liquidities across tiers, the parking rates, the parked nubits, the current fees is I believe a fundamental step towards the standardization of Nu in the world. This is what I understand is in the works. How exciting.

Not being patient enough I ran a script to find the number of parked NBTs and quite surprisingly there are only about 45k NBT parked (at height 425052).

Well park rates are 0. Buy side liquidity exceeds sell side. Why is low number of parked Nubits a surprise?

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Because there’s another 500k lying around according to blockexplorer… and park rates were incredibly high about 1 a month ago

You can also return the number of parked NuBits by using the getinfo RPC with NuBits selected in the Unit menu.

“totalparked” : 45275.2151

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It suggests that despite of high rates most people were not parking beyond ~1 month. There could be several explanations: most people get nubits to spend them; people thought the rate would be higher so they didn’t park for long period, but the rate dropped; or people feel too risky locking up funds in parked Nubits. The last one will get better when Nu gets older (out of reasoning like “3 mo is 1/3 of Nu’s age so parking for 3 mo is risky”)