Facebook CEO Zuckerberg's Rules of Success

Other rules of success:
A Q&A With YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki

Is failure a requirement for success?“
Yes, it often is. It’s important to look at your mistakes honestly and learn from them.”

What’s your “keep me going” quote?
“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”

Is there anything of that sort in Nu: ↓ a hit?

When did you know you had a hit on your hands?
“I realized the impact Google was going to have when I started using it in 1998 when it was just getting started. One day I couldn’t access the service and realized I couldn’t get my work done. I realized how Google could help people all over the world to find the information they needed.
With YouTube, I remember our first hit was of two Chinese students in their dorm room singing (with roommate studying in the background). That was the first time I saw that anyone could become a creator and that people wanted to watch content from all types of creators.”